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Saving the environment

Cheminée éthanol EXPO shows the readers how you do not have to pollute the environment to enjoy the sight of a fire at your place. The platform presented a wide array of eco-friendly fireplaces, which use, instead of wood and oils, bio ethanol as a fuel. The solution does not produce smoke, which often consists of a number of toxic substances. Moreover, there is also no leftover ash, which typically needs to be regularly cleaned. No requirement for a chimney makes it a product which is also installed in apartments and flats.

Independently standing bio ethanol fireplace

One of the available types of products are free-standing bio ethanol fireplaces. You can put them in any place you want, depending only on your individual preferences and what kind of interior you want to create. Many models available on the market will let you find the product you absolutely want to see in your house. The reception is typically positive, people appreciate the unique shapes of them and are enjoying the eco-friendly solution. To learn more about wall-mounted and free-standing bio ethanol fireplaces visit Cheminée éthanol EXPO.

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